Although unprepared, we wanted to give you some basic info about our
unprepared trip. On the top we placed the count of the day of the trip and the date, the country and the city (cities), in which we are on that day.

Then we thought you desperately wish to see where we are on a map and how we look like on that day.

Therefore we will add our best photos of the day: Unprepared Andrea on the left; Unprepared Frantisek on the right. Next to our wonderful pictures we also open up our emotions and we assign a score from 1 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) on:

1. Physical = how are we feeling physically? Are we perfectly fit, do we have a broken leg, have we just lost 15 kg on weight in diarrhea or have we just walked 50 km after three nights without water and sleep?

2. Mental = how are we feeling mentally? Are we really happy and fully
enjoying the trip or are we going crazy as our backpacks were stolen, our
bank accounts emptied, our passports burnt and the guard in our prison does not speak a word English?

3. Idea = how good do we think that the idea of going to this trip was? Do we think, it was the best decision of our lives or are we tired of travelling, we do not understand the local people, we had enough of having diarrhea after each meal and vomiting in each local bus? Have we overcome the cultural shock or has the shock overcome us?

Click on the arrows under the pictures to see the evolution of our unprepared travel and leave a message on the Unprepared Guestbook section (http://unpreparedtravellers.com/en/guestbook). We love to hear from you.

Unprepared Andrea is taking care of the Italian section, while Unprepared
Frantisek is filling in the Czech one. Together we will bother you with the English part.

Follow our photo albums and special surveys in the English version. Since we are unprepared IT guys the site allows us to put them in one version only. But do not worry, we will post a link to them in each language.