Unprepared Andrea

Who are you? Andrea Gusso

Don’t you have a nickname? Lately they started calling me Gandhin, Gandhi with a Venetian accent... mah... maybe it’s because of the haircut.

How old are you? Thirty-three, nice age, isn’t it? I was born in a warm day at 2.30pm on April 26, 1976.
Where are you from? I’m from Caorle, Venice. A fishermen and touristic town on the seaside, near the lagoon with a lot of fog and with a church tower in the middle of it.

What’s the last city you lived in? Prague, Magic Prague. I’ve been living there for 2.5 years. Before that I’ve tried Brussels, Milan, Vienna and Trieste…

Then you speak Czech, don’t you? Absolutely not! Pivo (beer) and jeste jednou (another one) it’s enough.

What’s your favourite colour? What a stupid question is this?

After eight years spent working for an American multinational, which I do not regret at all, I’ve decided to pack my backpack and leave to see what there’s around the world. I don’t believe to what the others tell me about the world. Like Saint Thomas, I need to see and touch to believe.
If someone asks me why I leave, often I reply with two questions: Why not? And, why don’t you leave as well?

Actually, I could stay here in Prague, beautiful city, where I have great friends and a nice and well paid job. I could start a family, buy a house, a golden fish and enjoy the safe life of the current state. Nor I am looking for answers in some remote corner of the globe. I was happy with my life and what I’ve done and achieve. I travel, because I want to travel, because I want to see, because I want to feel, because I want to touch, because I like it. Isn’t it a good reason? Let’s also add, without hypocrisy, that I can afford it, since I don’t have a family, I don’t have a mortgage and my health... well; let’s do not talk about it.

For sure I’m not neither an explorer, nor an adventurous pioneer. A traveller or a tourist? Whatever it might be, I’m well aware that I’m not ready for that. I don’t think you need to have everything arrange to leave. I let the details project planning and management to the corporate life. Let’s get surprised, at least a little bit. I thought to be ready when I went to India, and Kolkata hit me with an uppercut. I expected to find the worst in Egypt, and I discovered a lot of positive and funny things. How about Japan? And how can you pretend to got it if you are not Japanese?

Eventually I understood that you can prepare to face anything, but there will always be something which surprises you. Then I go, unprepared, around the world.

Let’s join me, as you are, at the end “There's no place such far away".