Unprepared Franta

- Who are you?
My name is Frantisek.

- That’s a weird name, I can’t pronounce it ... Don’t you have a nickname?
Yes, in fact many, you can choose one: Franta, Frankie, Fero, Freddy Kruger, Franz Kafka, (Kaiser) Franz Josef, JFK, Fucking bastard, Ferda mravenec prace vseho druhu, maxipes Fík, ...

- OK, how old are you Franz Josef?
Well, I do not like this question. Once a girl asked me in the morning the same question. I answered that my age is unfortunately already a very round number. "Then you are just 3 years younger than my father, he is 53", she said. Well, it’s not that much round ...

- Where are you from?
Take the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, forget Hungary and look at the most industrialized part of the rest. This used to be the Czech Republic, the world champion in drinking beer. And as I do not drink beer, I must be from the part, where people drink wine more than beer. This is Moravia. And my birthplace, Brno, is it’s kind of capital city.

- What’s the last city you lived in?
It was Zizkov, the capital of the Republic of Zizkov. A really nice city with many old houses, people of various races, the TV tower and a parking zone, which does not allow people from other cities to visit it.

- Then you speak Czech, don’t you?
Yes, after many years in Prague, I lost my Moravian accent and now, I speak Czech.

- Is it true that you want to find a woman for yourself on the trip?
Yes, of course, a woman, a man, a horse or a dog, I have not decided yet, I love them all ...

- Do you like brunettes or blondes?

- What is your favorite song?
Several ones: Rammstein - Pussy, Xindl X - Andel, Nightwork - Vcelka Maja

- What is your favorite color?
What a stupid question is this? But Andrea’s one is red – you know ... Ferrari ...

- So why all this?
To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before ... (c) Star Trek

To step on the same places, where billions of tourists already stepped ... To eat hundreds of meals which will cause either vomiting or diarrhea ... To make thousands of pictures, which no one will ever look at ...

But maybe also ...
To remember, how stupid and peddling sometimes our normal daily problems are ... To remember that life is not about collecting money ... To discover ... To learn ... To understand ... To grow ...

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