Unprepared Photos Gobi desert

a motorbike drive through the desert Horses horse, it was a horse... who plays basketball in the middle of nowhere? Yurta Inside a yurta Yurta's kitchen toilette Fully equipped yurta Building a yurta Camels Camel haircut Milking camels Goats herd Goat lifting exercise Glacier Mirage Our Russian indestructible overland veichle, good stuff man! Looking for dinos' bones at the red cliffs of Bayanzag Red cliffs at Bayanzag Desert free parking Khongoryn Els sand dune Khongoryn Els birds Valley by the glacier White cliffs 1 White cliffs 2 Yurta in the desert Buddist temple Mountain Desert inhabitant Moving yurta company Kashmir raw material Kids Mongolian wrestler

Unprepared Photos Gobi desert, May 2010